Monday, 17 December 2012

17th December

Caramel doughnut at 49th, Asti's fave!

Had a special posh coffee as it was my last there of the year :)

Guh huh!

Loooove the dog on the cover of this!

Some nastiness in Skyrim...

Cool sky!

Darkening up...

Typically on our last night in Vancouver I found a local place selling MULLED WINE!

Quite British themed actually.

Special fries as starters, they were bloody MASSIVE.

Looking towards the bar form the booth.

Pork, shrooms, sweet potatoes and an apple-sweetened sauce :)

Some AWFUL drink...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

16th December

Brekkie at Joe's Grill this morning. Tasty, but the place had way too many irritating kids there.

Sweet :)

Look at the little balcony up there! That a smoker's balcony?


There's loadsa snow on them there moun'ains!

Prezzies are wrapped...other than the beer. Gotta put those individually in bubble wrap.

Wet day!

15th December

Was sleet this morning!!

Jasen making his drink at 49th...

That lady with the baby went on to change its nappy on a seat, NOT IMPRESSED.

White choc and cranberry doughnut - very average.

Was sleeting heavily, cannae see here though.

Bleak building!

Blue/turquoise and a deep red all over :)

Interesting advert in a paper here...

Early evening coffee!

Home made yellow curry!!

Nighty night dragon, I will have your soul!

14th December

Vancouver sky goes crazy coloured!

Dodgy-looking but very tasty TimBits!

Eggs benny at twisted Fork!!

Corey and Isabella :)

John's leaving drinks at Guu, beside LeeLee!

Simon and Dre 'aving a laugh :)

I had a rice bowl of kimchi and beef :)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

13th December

A dark choc hot choc! I finished it in under 10 minutes, yeesh...But so good!

And an hour later went for coffee :P Free cookie!

Steak and Guiness pie, yes please!

Another amazing night in Skyrim :D

12th December

Snoooow in the distance!

Very ominious clouds this morning. Still no snow.

Delicious sugar frosting cookie someone's wife at work made!

My downfall! The first of my large sakes...!

More food keeps arriving at Gyu Kaku...!

Sten and Lydia are having a good time :D

Jasen was cooking (Grillen Meister).

I was not happy with how this looked, What is it?? I ate it anyway...had no flavour, just sort of rubbery.