Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November

Donatello now rides an Allosaurus toy at work!

My Ghost from PacMan sits on top of my PC's power button, glowing :)

Dinner :P

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

28th November

Looking up Main :)

Walking to work Downtown on my way for a coffee!

Coffee and muffin for brekkie.

Sushi for lunch!! Sooooo good!

This had snow blowing around inside it!!

Soba noodles and beef for dinner, this was amazing!!! Except the red stuff.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

27th November

First time seeing Rolos here in a little packet like this!

Lentils with diced onions and sausage :)

Yummm! Followed by eggnog ;)

Monday, 26 November 2012

26th November

Nathan (who I used to work with at ESG, and who now lives in Washington state) came back up, and passed these on to meee :)

Amazing I love em!

Refried em, but urgh they look awful here!

Bean burritos!

25th November

Walking down Robson to yoga - water and mountains just a block or 2 away :)

Got 5th on the Marvel vs Capcom arcade machine :D

Lydia and I visited Vancouver's first ever Blenz coffee shop :)


Amazing lighting along Main!

One of the new twenties...that I folded into  a tiny piece :P

Inside The Main on Main ;)

An amazing omlette that had pepper, onions, and bacon inside!!

Mountains in the distance heading back down Main :)

Burgoo, one of my absolute fave restaurants in the world, where I spent my 30th birthday :)

Little pencil case for all my pens in my bag :)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

24th November

Ominous clouds looking towards Downtown (though it never actually rained!).

Cool hoodie I saw at Golden Age Comics!

Eggs bennie at Twisted Fork, with the most amazing beans I've ever tasted!

Mum you asked if I'd heard of Fifty Shades of Grey; of course! I've heard quite a bit about that book, and was very amused to see a porn shop selling it, hahaha! :P

For you, Asti :)

On our way to North Van's British food shop, to stock up on another months supply of pies :D

Across the bridge..

North Van def is cooler with the mountains. Just a huge shame there's no train line goes over here, I'd consider moving.  The boat is too slow -_-

Up along Main...

Just one of the suburbs here :)

Back in Fairview Slopes area, the moon out!

View from Buy Low's car park right near home :)

23rd November

Went to a place called Jimmy's for Jenn's last lunch! This is steak and mushrooms :)

Nicky, Jon and Val tucking in!

Masala chai donut was the feature! $4 for coffee and a donut - I'm in!

Close up of the wonder donut :D

All set :D

The happy notice in the lift at home ;)


Thursday, 22 November 2012

22nd November

Piece of mochi straight from Japan (this piece had chocolate inside!).

Wandered along Granville at the comic store ;)

Law courts!

Free apple danish from the coffee shop, woo hoo!

Grr why upside down? Huge bar of Rice Krispies...YUM!!

Dinner and dessert (yes, that's Marmite!).